1. How I exchange my product  ?

After 60 days once you receive your product ,there will be NO exchanges. Firstly Email us at service@ourlovejewelry.com before exchanges. Please include your full name, order number and request in your email . You will receive an email response within 1 business days relating next steps.

Exchanges that are approved via email must be returned in the original jewelry package and information about your full name, order number and request need to be attached in the Exchanges   . If the product that you are exchanging is damaged in anyway we will return the product back to you and refuse the exchange. 


2.  How do I take care of jewelry?

A:  all sterling silver jewelry eventually requires a little pick-me-up.  But to preserve your jewelry’s luster longer, store in a tarnish-free, dry environment (e.g. a felt-lined jewelry box) and wear often!

Please note that the following recommendations are for Metal, Cloth & Wood jewelry only.  Please do not use these techniques for any other jewelry, as results can not be guaranteed.  Also, please note that blackened (oxidized) areas never require polishing.  In fact, most methods of polishing will remove the intended patina so please follow the recommended methods.

Step 1. For brighter surfaces (like chains, or the reverse sides of jewelry) that DO NOT contain any etched designs, these areas can be refreshed by gently rubbing with steel wool, taking care not to disturb etched artwork, which contains a special patina that the steel wool will remove.  (This method is a little messy, so you might want to do this over a trash can!)

Step 2. To brighten up shiny areas surrounding etched artwork, hold a jewelry polishing cloth flat against a completely flat, level surface, and rub etched side of jewelry face down in a figure eight or circular motion. Do not rub polishing cloth between your fingers as you may disturb the patina inside the etchings.



 3. DoesYour jewelry tarnish?

We offer 4 types of metals on our Jewelry.

  1. Gold won't tarnish and is very safe on your skin.
  2. Our Sterling silver options (Also known as Sterling Silver, 14K Gold over Sterling Silver or Two tone 14K Gold over Sterling Silver) are made from 925 Silver and won't tarnish and is very safe on your skin.
  3. Stainless steel won't tarnish and is safe on your skin.
  4. Our brass options (also known as Gold plated or Silver plated) are made out of copper and may tarnish when exposed to certain elements such as salts, hair treatments and other harsh chemicals.

This is still a great option to buy. You will just have to take better care of it. It will last you a good amount of time. Just not as long as the 925 Silver or Gold metal options.