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                  About Our Mission:

Your every order will devote itself to help women keep away from the terrible disease.  we will devote 10% of every order to Women's and Children's Fund. and devote 20% of every order to Cancer research center.   

Our most important mission is that we can decrease the rate of women's breast cancer in the world. as you know , many women in the world are suffering from this hateful cancer.  it is like an evil.  

 Our another mission is to ease your anxiety and eliminate negative thought, so you can enjoy your happy and beautiful life .

With Bringing spiritual stone and jewelry full of positive energy , balance, luck, love or protection for you.   


Flora Henry

About Our Company And Staff

  Flora Henry is founder of ourlovejewelry.  our company is located in United Kingdom. now we have many offices in other location worldwide. We have more than 1000 staffs  worldwide. every staff devote their time to working with ourlovejewelry.  they love energy stone, they love ourlovejewelry, as they work in ourlovejewelry . they feel powerful and happy.   they said ourlovejewelry can heal themselves; can make them better than before. they can find more spiritual value in ourlovejewelry.
Working Staff

About Our Energy Crystal

We carefully selected the high quality materials by ourselves.  every stone and materials has our ourlovejewelry's concentration and passion.  we devote our

mind to seek for best stone for you. and we are keeping on studying the energy meaning for every stone.  we hope our energy stone can help more and more people to be better .   



  How to Contact Us

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